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Group of Companies Sama system (Holding Sama system), with more than 16 years of experience actively involved in the production of software for automation of the enterprises, particularly Timber universities and higher education institutions, has succeeded in this arena is one of the leading brands in the country has made.
Due to the increasing need to expand the electronic services, the company equipped Sama system as one of the subsidiaries holding Smasamanh, is able to provide hardware services to its customers to take action. Offering a variety of card printers and ribbon consumables and related types of smart cards, magnetic, contactless and PVC and wristband printers with traceability, including the company's activities. We always try to provide appropriate services as soon as possible and the lowest price, we pleasure, satisfaction and a sense of security for our customers to bring their purchases.

The items are ready to offer foreign companies are being introduced as follows:

Card Types
White and colored PVC cards
Magnetic cards HICO, LOCO white and color
Contactless cards Mifare, R / O and Desfire
Smart cards Smart card
Card combinations (hybrid)
Card printing printers with the possibility of recording certain information encoded in them, which include:
Fargo card printing printers indirect Manufacturing Co.
Direct Card Printer Hiti printers Manufacturing Co.
Types of expendable items printer ribbon and card printing
zebra , Evolis , Fargo , hiti , Ciaat
HP Wrist
Fasteners Manufacturing Co. TSC barcode printers to print full profile track and people on special wristbands in different colors for use in hospitals and clinics, sports clubs and so on.
TSC printer Identification wristbands and barcode tracking for printing Full details of the antimicrobial wristbands in different colors and sizes for use in hospitals, clinics and ...

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