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Smart card reader

Smart card reader


NFC is a device for reading and writing on non-contact non-communication cards that are capable of connecting to computers, based on non-contact RFID technology 13.56 and designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO / IEC 18092 for Near Field Communication Is. This card reader supports not only the MIFARE card, but also the Class A and B 14443ISO, but also supports all four RFID tag types.

Due to compatibility with CCID and PCS / SC, the ACR122U is a Plug & Play device capable of working with various devices and applications at 424Kbps speed and USB speeds of up to 12 Mbps, and operations Read and write quickly and efficiently. The nearest operating distance ACR122U is up to 5 cm according to the non-contact RFID tag.

To enhance the security level, the ACR 122U can be integrated with the SAM 3-7816 ISO slot or as a module to provide integration with larger machines such as POS terminals, physical access systems, and sales machines. To make This device is ideally suited for secure personal identification and online transaction transactions. Other applications that can use the ACR 122U include access control, electronic payment, electronic tickets for events and public transportation, tolls and network authentication.


13 September 2017


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