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Glass Inlet Gate

Glass Inlet Gate

For use in organizations / agencies / public and private / public and private places, such as metro and townships and the city of play, to control the traffic of visitors and prevent the entry and exit of unauthorized persons.


Safety Considerations


• Electromechanical thrust system

• Usual open or normal package (no -nc)

• Anti-crash - Impact sensor for damage to a person in the event of a collision

• Lack of passage and closing of doors when passing through the opposite side after the doors are opened from the other side

• Lack of passage and closing of doors when passing two persons from one side

• Ability to connect to any type of control access

• Do not open doors when intermediate doors are blocked

• Appropriate number of electronic eyes to detect people's passage and location

• Green and red LEDs to display the transit status

• Ability to adjust the speed of opening and closing fins

• Ability to command fire alarm input to keep the fins open in case of fire

• A maximum of 40 people per minute at maximum speed




13 September 2017


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