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Car Entrance Gate

Car Entrance Gate

The above barrier has been designed and built to allow traffic jams and damage to unauthorized cars. The height of the leaf is 50 to 90 cm above the ground, according to the customer's requirements. In the event of a car collision, it will cause serious damage to the vehicle.


Technical Specifications


• The ability to connect to traffic control systems and the camera to record traffic

• Equipped with intelligent PIC control system

• Skeleton of body and chassis reinforced with a beam of steel and studs

• Maximum height 90 cm

• Opening page is triangular and can be used bilaterally

• Body width 126 cm

• Hydraulic actuator system

• Equipped with a system and a manual jack for power failure

• Equipped with remote and manual control system

• The ability to install an eye or loop detector

• Can install green and red LEDs or warning flashers

• The opening time is 5 to 6 seconds and the closing time is 4 to 5 seconds



13 September 2017


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