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Frequently Questions

Where is the serial number?

For more information about the product serial number to apply one of two ways:

Product serial number is usually a 13-digit number and there is no space between its characters

See serial number on the product box. (As shown in the picture)

Return the product and serial numbers below to view it

We Fargo hdp5000 printers when printing white card edge part of prints?

Re: Printer Firmware Upgrade You need to go to the support site and select the Firmware File Download the most recent Fargo Fargo Workbench to download and install the software to fix the problem.

Wristband printers, TSC TDP-225 are whether the devices or consumables that need cleaning?

A: wristband printer TDP 225 is a thermal transfer printers and the printer does not require any consumables to the wrist strap.

We're under the auspices of the Social Security Hospital and the hospital's HIS system is under Dos Is TDP 225 wristband printer is connected to the HIS and wristband printing can be done?

A: wristband printer TDP 225 RS-232 input and without installing the module or Com any device can print from Dos environment.

Teen and children in our hospital patients have the wrist strap TDP-225 printer is capable of printing wristbands for?

A: HP listed 3 band size (adult, teen, baby) that you can easily prepare 3 sizes of unit sales.

We do not use any hospital HIS Do we have specific virus type in Word and then we print?

he is capable.

Our organization has purchased Fargo hdp5000 printers, can we have a logo or writing on a special card that can only be identified by the organization?

A: Yes, the printer is capable of printing hdp5000 a ribbon for YMCFK security ink that is not visible to the eye ordinary and visible only with X-rays.

Our university has purchased Ciaat ctc940 printers Are these printers is the ability to encode contactless cards Mifare 1k?

A: Yes printers feature encoded magnetic cards, contactless and smart is capable of the Encoder Module form requested by the client can be installed on the printer.

Our hospital wristband printers, TSC TDP-225 has purchased a roll of color printers is whether the wrist strap?

Answer: The TDP-225 printer has a wrist strap wrist strap adults in 4 colors (white, yellow, orange, red), which you can purchase from unit sales.

Do you have PVC cards?

A: The company's CEO to business sector according to the orders the company to supply all kinds of PVC cards such as magnetic cards, contactless, smart has funded. The color PVC card company for a simple magnetic cards to our customers has created a variety of cards.

Android mini pc whether the device is able to connect to the Internet?

A: Yes listed devices connect to the Internet via Wifi. This device has the ability to connect Mouse and Keyboard wireless.

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